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Uniqueness Gift Card
  • Uniqueness Gift Card

Uniqueness Gift Card

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Wanna see someone smile, then share your love of Uniqueness music with a Uniqueness gift card & watch their life light up!

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So many of you beautiful souls are asking us what does Uniqueness mean? We will do our best to explain. 


To be Holy, set apart from all else, anointed by Yashiya, existing in Rawach,spoken in the Phoenician Hebrew tongue or also know as The Holy Spirit, being the only one, a sole example; singular, solitary in type or characteristics: a unique anything can not be made a copy of, having no like or equal; unparalleled; incomparable. 

So lovely soul to put it super simply, if look in the mirror, you will see it in the Creation that is you, blessedly made by Ahayah & treasured always, as His Son Yashiya awaits to guide your beautiful growing daily steps. 

Prayerfully this is a helpful understanding. May you all many epic adventures in life! Yashiya bless you! 



 Did you know the devil, fallen angels and demons have to ask permission to attack you! Think about that they have No Power period.

If you want a life change and want to find your true purpose in life have fun, teach and be taught, be challenged and be loved the whole way through life so unconditionally and true, to know that no matter what you do you can be forgiven and understood and move forward to more fun, excitement and challenges to be beyond what you ever thought you could be, then say this to yourself in your heart and mean it, Yashiya (Yashiya, is the Saviours true true name in Hebrew, it is not Jesus means Zeus.) I believe you came and died for my sins I believe you rose again on the third day and now sit on the right hand throne of Ahayah and I believe you are coming back for me come into my life save me in Yashiya name Shalam So Be It! That's all it takes you have all the support in the world and nothing and no one is more loving or powerful then Ahayah. No matter what anybody say's! Guilt is nothing to be afraid of Ahayah Asher Ahayah (Hebrew for : I Am that I am ) can take it away totally! Don't wait, your life is to important to waste any more time start living in the life you have always been meant to live, loved and free is a great feeling in Yashiya ! 
Once you have asked Yashiya into your heart make sure to Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven read the Bible which is Ahayah living word and some times it may seem hard to understand but say a little pray before you start and after asking Yashiya to give you understanding of His word it will be like you never didn't understand and it will change you life for the better! Here is a suggestion for reading the Bible starting out, just read a verse or 2 from the beginning of the Old and New Testament everyday it only takes a minute. When you read the Bible it is living word meaning Old or New Testament it can relate to something in your life right now or can speak to you in your spirit to help you learn about Yashiya! Just a side note be very careful about who's preaching & teaching you, it is better to seek out Yashiya for yourself, pastors & bishops are still only men, not perfect Yashiya , never forget it's Yashiya who saves not man! Your Church is wherever you are loving Him! You can have church in the desert or the wild, mountains or your car ect..... just make sure Yashiya is first in your life and everything else will be in place. Everlasting is not just a word it is an action, for everlasting we will grow, we will learn and understand our Savior more and more every day. It is our job to know His true name and to hear His true voice, let's do our best to get all the truth we can. Enjoy! Yashiya bless your beautiful hearts! Here is a link to a great page full of tons of really great facts & information:…/bibli…/ 

Don't stop there, keep seeking, go through the whole site and open your heart to learning new cool stuff! Love you the love of Ahayah & His Son Yashiya


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